About Us

“We understand our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.”
Carel Martin
Chief Executive Officer

ITC Business Administrators is one of South Africa’s leading providers of outsourced debtor and receivables management services.

We have been in operation for 30 years offering bespoke debtor management solutions across the total range of full outsource through to post charge-off recoveries, including the likes of proactive skip tracing and one-off ledger clean-ups. Operations and services extend across both consumer and commercial debt administration and address a broad range of industries. Collections are primarily driven through correspondence and call centre based activity by automated decisioning workflow processes.

We provide clients with superior service by leveraging off:

  • Our world class collection and telephony systems
  • The use of scoring to determine propensity and affordability to pay
  • The use of scoring to determine debtor classification such as deceased status within the Client database
  • Our relationships specialist Credit Bureaus
  • Compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and ethical standards
  • Extremely competent management and staff
  • Understanding our client’s needs, and providing customized solutions

We are centralised in Cape Town and have a staff compliment of 200 and call centre capacity of 400 (Day and night).

ITC Business Administrators has the capacity to service the client nationally.

ITC Business Administrators is rated a BEE level 2 Supplier.

Our core values

Quality Control, Training and Compensation structure for staff

All calls are recorded. Our in-house training department is responsible for ensuring that all our credit controllers have a minimum score of 95% for call quality and procedure. Our recruitment process includes written and oral assessments to ensure that we employ staff that meet our strict recruitment criteria.

All staff are required to pass an in-house training course which includes client, system and collections training before being given a contract or permanent employment. Our clients may choose to be involved in the approval of call scripts as well as all outgoing communication. Our credit controllers and supervisors receive an above average industry-related basic salary plus commission once individual targets have been achieved. We are fully compliant with the Employment Equity and Skills Development legislation. 


Compliance and ethical collections are tenets of the ITC Business Administrators brand. Compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and ethical standards is essential for business growth. We, and our business partners, demand and expect mutual brand name and reputation protection through a strong culture of compliance. We are committed to the Debt Collectors Code of Conduct. Adherence to this Code and our company’s policies and procedures forms part of our employment contracts and key performance indicators for our people. Our business partners regularly audit our collection operations to ensure regulatory and contractual
compliance. Our in-house trainers and business analysts critically evaluate the effectiveness and application of our policies and procedures and our compliance programs across operational and administrative spheres. As members of the Council for Debt Collectors and The Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA), we are in a position to advise our clients on any changes in legislation that may apply to our sector of business..

Collections Methodology

ITCBA performs all collection process from our centralised call centre in Cape Town. We make use of ITCBA stationery, ITC branded SMSes/MMSes and telephone calls during the collection process. The length of the collection strategy is based on our client’s requirements. Part of the collection process is segmenting the data using a scoring model which includes the propensity to pay, affordability to pay and contactability. This process coupled, with the dialing technology we use to contact the debtor, assists us in prioritising our collection process. Accounts that have a low contactability score are immediately placed in our tracing process. We  have our own on-site tracing team which will trace these debtors using batch data we have received from, Consumer Profile Bureau. In the event that any of the debts need legal intervention, we partner with proven practicing attorneys. The entire process is managed by ITC Business Administrators,  and requires very little  client intervention.


The WinCollect Enterprise Suite offers client/server technology, delivers powerful features and functionality to ensure agents work the right accounts at the right time. When linked with the Web-collect.net browser interface, this package offers a complete enterprise wide solution. Web-collect.net is the Web-browser based application that allows our clients to access their information from the WinCollect Enterprise Suite database, review debtor/account history, debtor status information, notes and comments. This is accessed through a web browser with a simple link to the internet. Our collection system makes provision for us to calculate interest on outstanding debt as and when required by our client.

Reporting & Performance Monitoring

WinCollect enables ITC Business Administrators to take control of the reporting environment with a range of preformatted reports that are professionally designed to provide you, the client, with valuable information. With Webcollect.net our clients are kept up to date with results anytime from a Web Browser. This allows you to review accounts in real-time and gives the client a quick snapshot of the results from within a single page Dashboard. All reporting and file transfers can be done in various formats i.e. excel; csv, text etc. and the transfer of files can be done either via e-mail or FTP.